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Tips for if you find that there is no power in:

  • Outside outlets
  • Bathroom outlets
  • Kitchen outlets
  • Basement outlets

First try pressing the “reset” button on your GFCI receptacle commonly located in basements and garages. Keep in mind that there is a reason that it tripped.

If that doesn't work, check your circuit breaker panel and remember that you must turn the breaker all the way off and then back on again to reset it. Again, there is a reason that this happened which warrants more investigation for long term safety and proper usage.

Canister Lights

If there is a canister light that is not working, check the light bulb from one that you know works. If it still does not light, try gently prying out the tab at the back of the socket so that it makes better contact with the bulb. CAUTION: First turn the switch and breaker off.

Bonus tip: Spruce up the look in your house by replacing the canister light trim rings! Simple, just unscrew the light bulb, unclip the old trim ring, clip in the new trim ring and with a new light bulb you have a whole new design without breaking the bank.

Overloaded Breaker

Question: If the breaker is overloaded, can’t I just put in a bigger breaker so it doesn’t trip?

Answer: NO! This is where catastrophic failures can occur. The breakers are all sized according to the wire size so if you are overloading the circuit, add a separate circuit or examine other alternatives.

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Replacing a light fixture? This is normally pretty straightforward stuff; just don’t get creative with the color to color choices (black to black, white to white, etc.). CAUTION: First make sure the power is off.

Bonus tip: Replace your CFL’s with L.E.D. lights. They are longer lasting, don’t contain poisonous gasses and are dimmable! Click here for more information about lighting.

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