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Surge Protection

Do you have a home based business or valuable appliances/tv's that need an extra layer of protection?

In-panel or "whole house" surge protectors are becoming affordable insurance for your electronics that can extend the life of your strip-style surge protectors as well.

Did you know that many new range ovens, microwaves and even refrigerators have sensitive microprocessors in them that can be damaged by voltage spikes? These power fluctuations are becoming more and more common as cities expand their power grids to accomodate more housing and businesses.

Call Windward Electric if you are in need of surge protection in the Longmont or Boulder areas: (720) 421-4535


Customer testimonial:

“[Our generator installation] was FANTASTIC from start to finish – every detail was handled and we did not have to worry about anything! I HIGHLY Recommend Windward Electric!"
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