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The Surgeassure

The Surgeassure™ TE/1RI is specially designed to mount within the breaker panel enclosure. A remotely mounted indicator light is included to allow visual inspection of the suppressor without having to open the panel door.

The TE/1RI protects AC powered appliances and electronics in your home against power surge damage by keeping these surges, including lightning, from entering through your main electrical service panel. Multiple MOV technology with thermal disconnect prevent catastrophic failure of the surgeassure™ TE/1RI. Green LED indicates full protection is present. If the indicator light is extinguished, protection is reduced or no longer present.

  • 40,000 amperes Surge Current Rating
  • For 120/240 1 Phase 50/60 Hz. voltage systems
  • Underwriters Laboratory Listed – 1449
  • Connects to your home's Load Center through a 20A – 30A 2-pole circuit breaker
  • Installed by licenced electrical contractor
  • Product Warranty 10 years
  • Connected Equipment Warranty 10 years (when installed by a qualified electrician)

Websites for Surge Suppression Information

Surgeassure Contact Information:

Tera Lanphear
Residential Division SurgeAssure| Surge Protection
Emerson Network Power
14550 58th St. North
Clearwater, FL 33760, USA

T 1.800.727.0669 EXT. 1739
T 1.727.535.6339
F 1.727.539.8955
Direct Line: 727.450.2739

Important Information to Protect Yourself From Surges

This is an article written in 2006 regarding what can happen if you are not protected from Surges.

City Not Liable for Appliances 
Felicia Russell 
The Daily Times-Call
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Frustrated by broken air conditioners, thermostats, TVs, microwaves and computers, more than 25 people called the city of Longmont and Platte River Power Authority with complaints following the citywide power outage two weeks ago.

On June 4, one of two main power lines into the city was down for maintenance and a computerized circuit breaker unexpectedly shut down the other main line, causing voltage in minor supply lines to fluctuate.

That forced PRPA workers to manually shut down the entire system, cutting power to more than 25,000 Longmont residents.  Large motors, like those in air conditioners, can get overworked and burn out when there’s not enough power, and city officials said they received at least 25 calls from people blaming the briefly fluctuating electricity for the failure of their appliances.

However, neither the city nor the PRPA are legally liable for damages from the power outage, according to city officials.

“The customer is responsible for protecting their equipment,” said Longmont power & Communications spokesman Bill Ewer.

City officials sent a letter on June 13 to residents who called with complaints, suggesting they use surge protectors and backup power supplies in case of future power fluctuations.

Dean Fox, a service technician with Wright Heating & Air Conditioning, said his company had more than three times the number of calls from people with broken air conditioners than it normally has on hot summer days.

“Basically, the power outage wasn’t normal. It was a fluctuation in power; it didn’t just drop out,” he explained. “Any kind of electrical equipment that was on was stressed out.”

Kelly Murphey, owner of Murphey Heating and Air Conditioning, explained that large motors, like those in air conditioners, get overworked and can burn out when there’s not enough power, with condenser fan motors and contactor points most at risk for damage.

Contactor points transmit the electrical signal that starts the motor and can melt when low power causes electricity to arc between them.

Most motors can handle minor drops in power, Ewer said, but the severity and duration of the low voltage June 4 may have been too much.

“Low voltage is, I’m pretty sure, the cause of most of the problems people had,” he said. 

Felicia Russell can be reached at 303-684-5336, or by e-mail at:

See article here.

The Surgeassure

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