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Keep It On Power Protection Services

Protect Your Home with a Generator


Today, with so many natural and man-made disasters that can adversely affect the power coming to your home, it is wise to consider ways to protect yourself and your family. Whether you need protection against damage to your in-home technology, or protection against outages that could impact lifestyle, business, social events, or even life and quality-of-life support systems, we can provide just the right Keep It On solution to support your needs.  Please check out our new Vigilant Series of Power Protection for you home.

No matter where you live, without careful planning, you are subject to complete power loss or common power surges that can create hardship, frustration and material loss. Our Keep It On services can guide and direct you with the appropriate level of protection to help you avoid the costly and painful impact of natural disasters, power outages, and voltage spikes.

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With a Keep It On installation:

Your computers, appliances, televisions, microwave ovens and even power-strip type surge protectors can be protected against voltage spikes that can damage their circuitry and built-in microprocessors.
By adding a generator, you can Keep It On by protecting your entire house or specific key applications—like sump pumps—against power outages. And with the addition of solar panels, a Keep It On system can sustain power to your home during an extended outage that could last for days.
  • Electrical surge protection
  • Backup sump pump systems
  • Electrical inspections and system configuration design
  • System circuit and wiring upgrades
  • Protection from electrocution and overheating
  • Generator installations
    • Quiet interior generators
    • Outdoor generators (propane or natural gas
  • Renewable energy alternatives, e.g. solar power
  • Unplug from the grid altogether

Back-up generator installation

Are you the victim of frequent power outages?

Let Windward help you with your back up power needs. Generac generators have been a fantastic tool that many clients have taken advantage of for reliable electricity. Utilizing an ATS (automatic transfer switch) this power transfer from a failed utility to back up power can be completely hands off and nearly seamless!

The fuel for these units are typically propane or natural gas depending on your situation. We do not recommend gasoline or diesel generators due to maintenance concerns.

Generators can be arranged to support your entire residence or only a select number of circuits that you choose and the units are sized according to your specific individual needs.

Contact your Windward professional today to discuss what options are available to you through a free site assessment.   With Windward's new Vigilant Series of Power Protection, you can have silent, odor-free protection against power outages.

Windward Can Help Keep It On!

“[Our generator installation] was all FANTASTIC from start to finish – every detail was handled and we did not have to worry about anything! I HIGHLY Recommend Windward Electric because I did not know where to start on this project. We have lived in the mountains for 30 years and the generator has changed our lives. After the [4 mile] fire we had no power for a month and with the generator we were able to move back into our home and not have to stay in a hotel! Windward has done electric lighting changes as well!”
– Bonnie in Boulder, CO

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Protect your entire house and family with Windward's Keep It On systems. 

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"Windward Electric did a wonderful job installing ceiling fans in my house. Not only do the new fixtures look great, but Erik's work was fast, clean and professional. I definitely plan to have Erik back to take care of other jobs in the future."
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